• Soldier Bee (Multi-award winning short film 2016)

Soldier Bee (Multi-award winning short film 2016)

Starring the brilliant, Shauna Macdonald, Soldier Bee is a chilling thriller challenging the perception of a soldier after she returns home from a recent tour on foreign soil to protect her country.

SOLDIER BEE is a visually terrifying psychological thriller about a mother, a soldier and her journey towards the truth after struggling with dissociation and PTSD.

UK Film Review- "With such heavy themes, it was important that director Alex Hardy coped with the troubling elements of Jodie's psychotic state alongside the bubbling tension being built during the unfolding of the plot. This balancing act, it is safe to say, is handled with deft care and craftsmanship, creating a gripping thriller experience that audiences are unlikely to forget. The use of cross-cutting and multiple timelines dramatically enhanced the movie without overwhelming the viewer, showing Jodie‚Äôs homelife, war life, and the present. The characters in Soldier Bee are portrayed completely believably without succumbing to saccharine ideas of heroism or pity. Hardy heads a charge into a formidable and important story, tackling difficult notions about violence, sex, family, evil and hate with considerable filmmaking poise."

Written, Directed and Edited by Alex H